Monday, October 31, 2011

Internet Scam Tips and

Internet Scam Tips and Tricks

As a business person my scam was business related but these also apply to your personal emails.

1. Google the email address they are using to contact you, especially if they claim to be from a major corporation

2. If the company or charity is unfamiliar, do your research.

3. Check out They archive many different type of email scams.

4. Check for spelling and grammar errors, most legitimate people and corporations are precise about this.

5. Sense of urgency – the last thing a scammer wants is for you to take your time. They want you to act on something quickly.

6. Be wary of web based emails. E.g. Hotmail, Gmail and yahoo. These are free and require very little identification at initial set up so very easy to make false emails.

7. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is

8. Follow links inserted in email.

9. Google the name of the person and the company separately, however be wary these can also be scammed from someone else.

10. Have a credit card with a small amount to use for the internet.

11. Be wary of Western Union Accounts.

12. Don’t give out bank accounts or passport details.

13. Email a company and ask them BEFORE you act on any suspicious email.

14. Trust your intuition and gut feelings.

15. Ask for advice and report to police and online sites if applicable.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Millionaire Marketing in 3 Small Steps

What is money? A child might say that it’s something rich people have and poor people don’t. An engineer might go into a detailed and lengthy explanation, but we all know that money is what really “makes the world go around.”In the business world, money is the definition of success or failure. That’s why it’s vitally important that every entrepreneur has a good understanding of money – even if their business is still struggling to get off the ground.
Have you ever noticed that people who have a lot of money are magnets for more money? I’ve listened to the gripes and accusations of onlookers who accuse them of being born with a silver spoon in their mouth among other things, but it’s more than that.
The secret is that they UNDERSTAND money.Financially successful people can spot opportunities to create more money in a heartbeat. They understand the money system and how it works. They know the magic of creating money. They have experience under their belt. Understanding money is a key ingredient to becoming someone who has money, and fortunately it’s getting easier instead of harder to do just that. Think about it. A checking and savings account used to be the only options within realistic reach of the “average Joe”.
If you’ve been paying attention, you know that there’s an amazing menu of options available at any bank or savings and loan company you walk into.What does that mean? It’s time to get busy and become students of money. If we’re going to have a lot of it, we need to understand how to invest and manage it. I can already hear it… So what if you don’t have much to manage and invest at the moment! Prepare for the future
Here are 3 easy steps to get started…
1. Think like a millionaireI know that’s tough to do, when you’re struggling just to pay for your overhead, but attitude is half of the battle. If you think like successful business owner, you’ll soon find out that money really is attracted to the “rich.”
2. Become Financially LiterateThere are a million-and-one self help books on the market for people looking for information on money investments. Learn from the best. Find a few reputable authors and read, read, read. Subscribe to money magazines and “The Wall Street Journal.” Read what the rich read.
3. Make Informed DecisionsOnce you know the ins and outs of the money world and have studied the successes and failures of others, it’s time to put your knowledge to work. When the opportunity knocks, you’ll be ready to open the door and greet it with a confident smile. Your new knowledge and attitude will make you a marketer to be reckoned with.
No more slouching around and pointing fingers at the rich marketer down the block. You’ll be one of them. You’ll have the tools to use every opportunity to create more success.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Future Proofing Your Business

It's TIME for a Rethink while Away from Work.

You might be fishing or lounging on the beach, when suddenly a great idea pops into your
mind….why didn’t I think of this before, you might think….well maybe
your mind was just too busy!!

Many businesses, large or small, have enough problems dealing with today’s markets
and consumers, let alone tomorrow! But failing to focus on the future leads to
many businesses drifting into oblivion because their products or services no
longer suit the needs of consumers and clients.

There’s no denying the recession blasted some businesses and altered their status
Where as some businesses were not affected at all. Mine was the former…so I reshook myself
and came back to this. What did I really know I had to do? Since then I’ve
revamped my business online, blasting into the USA market, working on a movie
and revisited old ideas I didn’t think would work into ideas that will slam dung my business.

The reality is that change has never been as rapid or as dramatic as that which we have seen
and will continue to see over the next decade. Developing an understanding of a
number of key trends including the impacts of new technologies currently being
introduced or developed, the aging of the population and a decreasing interest
in rearing children, growing individualism, psychological age becoming more
important than physical age, the effects of smart networks, the shift from B2C
to C2B, changing logistics and delivery systems, and sustainability issues is
essential to ensure long term business robustness and excellence in

As the pace of change quickens, senior management and business owners need to be far more
aware of the trends that may impact on their businesses in the next 5 to 10
years than ever. The best way to enhance this awareness is to develop simple
scenarios that depict how the market may look in five to ten year’s time. The
sorts of questions that might be addressed when developing a scenario include:

· Are our products or services likely to be relevant in 5 – 10 years time?
· Will our currently high value product or service just become another commodity in 5 – 10 years time?
· Which technologies are being developed that might affect our current products or services?
· Who are my consumers going to be in 5 – 10 years time (age group, relative demographic importance, lifestyles, characteristics)?
· How am I going to be able to deliver the solutions that customers require?
· What channels will I use to access my consumers (bearing in mind that traditional mass saturation advertising strategies have, at best, a 1- 2% success rate and the retailing
scene is changing quite rapidly).
· Do I need tooperate effectively in both place (locally) and/or space (virtually)?
· How will the increasing focus on sustainability affect my business?
· How is increasing globalisation going to affect my business?

Focusing on the future rather than projecting from the past, the approach most business tend to
rely on today, requires a major attitude shift. Such an attitude shift is becoming increasingly critical in order to future proof a business

It is always difficult to change old habits. However, the shift required is not impossible.
Most staff respond very positively to forward thinking vision based strategic planning that moves the business forward if in they can see there’s still a job for them.

So time out for you is an opportunity to tap into your right brain and find creative
ideas that will propel you forward. Of course none of this happens without risk…and you need to
have confidence and courage to take a new step.

And I leave you with this…being a small business owner and then stepping up to become an
entrepreneur utilising your gifts, talents and passions in your business, means
stepping up and out with XFactor Confidence...and getting into the flow and
mastery of your life. It’s learning how implement the 3 Vital Keays to Create
More Success and make More Money for you….which is my new program.
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The Be, Do, Have principal is this concept in action. Future proofing your business embraces
your life mission from the past, aligning in the present and projecting into
your future.