Monday, November 19, 2012

New Business Ideas for 2013

Saving energy consultations

Due to high rates of energy consumption it is required that the consumers should use energy efficiently and accurately. To provide saving energy consultations is among the best new business ideas. No special professionalism is needed in this regard and you need to hire only a few consultants. The household customers will take your services on surety bases because saving money is the first wish of each and every body in this time. A huge amount can be saved if someone audits his energy consumptions.
Fully automation of the home

In this modern and fast decade every day starts with a new innovation. All that innovations have made our life very convenient and fast so to provide the excellent services of fully home automation are the best new business ideas. A few technicians can fulfill the requirement of the customers in a low salary bases. So this is the successful business of the time.

Become Yoga instructor

To meet the high demands of the customers you can provide a best service of providing instructions regarding Yoga. To maintain ones health is the first and high requirement of all the men and women of this modern time. You can make a team of Yoga instructors easily as only a few tips have to be learnt before guiding your clients and customers.

Nutrition Consultant

Among the list of top and hot new business ideas the business of sports man nutrition consultant has great value in this regard. Our young generation and legend players of Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Squish and all the other games much need of a professional consultant. To maintain ones health and nutrition is the first requirement of a best player.

Traveling business

About eighty percent of the men prefer to start their own business so to provide service of organizing events and conferences is the new and modern business. You can easily provide all this facilities in each city

If you want more ideas about starting up a business, watch this video from Robert Kiyosaki.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Workplace Relationship Challenge

I was told to be his friend!! 

A bully had come to our workplace six months earlier. He bullied his students, his wife over the phone and was working his way through the tutors. He was over six foot high, brushed back his hair with brylcream (like my dad did twenty years ago) had a red face (like a dragon) and after his morning swim before he came to work, would spend the next hour sniffing! He marched around thinking he was fabulous, because he 'got his way' but in reality he was a loser.

I had heard about him before he arrived in our college. However, one day it was my turn, because he didn't get my job. After looming over me while I sat at my desk, he verbally abused me for five minutes. I attempted to stand my ground, but was no match for this man.

After he left and took 3 days off work to recover (I was back at work the next day), my big boss told me - to be his friend. He said we were similar...(eek) both divorced, had two young daughters and worked in the travel industry. I could have lunch with him and be his friend.

This time I could stand my ground. I had learnt about relationships the lose/lose and the win/win...and I did not have to suffer anymore by being his friend. I had the confidence to communicate this however I realised I still had to work with him, so would discuss work topics only. A few weeks later he left to terrorise another workplace.

However the trick is to learn how to have positive rather than negative relationships. The next trick is to realise they are NOT going to change...and the person who must learn is you. Only with your new found knowledge and confidence can you understand and seek solutions that work for you.

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