Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wake up Shake up after 'Snuffing it'.

Work/Life balance is critical. The recession is over (?) but the after affects linger. I don't know about you...but my business and stress levels were affected....and like many globally, I've not recovered yet....until I was forced to!

You see.....I was told I ‘snuffed' it! I went blue in 20 seconds elegantly 'frothed' at the mouth and did some weird movements and lost 15 minutes of my life. My partner relayed to the St John Ambulance lady (as he relayed my progress whilst waiting for the ambulance) that I must be okay....because I was arguing with him - not wanting to stay in the 'recovery' position. But I don't remember...until I woke staring into the lovely eyes of the St John Ambulance man.

He was a bit of 'tall dark and handsome' type so I could have been on my way to heaven....BUT Thankfully, I hadn't gone there...I would have been angry with myself if I had. You see, I wasn't listening to the signs, my body was telling me....and didn't start taking positive action...until I'd had my 'wake up call'.

Since then, I've done LOTS of investigating physically, mentally, spiritually, work and life wise and making LOTS of changes....(including buying a boat)...

All the reports from the hospital THANKFULLY came back I was okay. I’d had no earlier symptoms… (except those related with stress, not sleeping properly, tired etc. etc) so to everyone concerned – I was ok.

HOWEVER – I took this as a ‘wake up’ call. I was not ready to ‘snuff it’. I had tickets to the Eagles concert in Sydney with my daughters joining us…AND lots of exciting things I wanted to do.

I started with physical side of life by visiting the
• kinesiology
• chiropractor
• massages
• health books and shops,
• check ups with the doctors again
• new food and diet
• new habits (like resting and not working in the middle of the night)
• baths in the middle of the day
• breathing properly
• drink more water, carrot juice and cranberry juice
• lying in the sun
• and very gradually have started to make a ‘come back’ as I embark on more answers like yoga which I started again.

I also checked out the spiritual side of life which I have written my new book about my journey, and I’d seen an angel the night before it happened….so I thought I might find some answers there. AND I DID! I believe we are spiritual beings living in a physical body, and although I had started a new mediation programme (I’ve always struggled with this) I still need to chill out, revamp my life and myself (some more) and change business direction. So I visited the minister of the Unity church I attend…where I have since learnt that Oprah reads the same Daily Word quote book that I do, Plus I had a reading and an angel reading.

As a motivational speaker, trainer and author – our authenticity comes from living and learning before we can teach. I’ve had LOTS to learn… so teach from my own experiences.

One of my goals was to sit in a boat in a bay and write. I didn’t know what or where…but I’m now buying a share in a boat to live that dream. I’ve never been to a Neil Diamond concert…so going along to dance and sing there….and LOADS of other dreams to live.

However….first I have to believe and have faith and trust in myself to listen and create these things. Every human being has to do this…sometimes it isn’t easy…when we don’t know what’s planned for the next day….but as Eckhart Tulle says…live in the moment...we only have one life…and following our passions (mine is helping people boost their self esteem) then we will be on the correct journey for us.

My message to you is – find your journey and keep fine tuning yourself. (Like I have been doing and continue to do for the last 25 years.) The world is waiting for you to listen, live and laugh as you become your best, firstly for yourself and then to help make the world a better place. Don’t delay anymore….listen to the wind, the waves and the messages from words of friends, words in songs, words in books and blogs (like this) take care of yourself in your life.

In our business to succeed, we can forget the basics like I do. But my wake up shake up has set me off to further fine-tune my life to my greatness. I urge you to do the same.

Scary and exciting…this journey encompasses both of those emotions. Embrace them and concentrate on success. It will come with faith and trust and clarity and work. It does for others…so there is no reason it won’t happen to you…if you believe in yourself.

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Stress-Control Tools That Start With Your Heart

Step One: Focus on your heart as you breathe in. Then, as you breathe out, shift your focus to the solar plexus, right below the heart. Breathe that way for 10-30 seconds-breathing in through the heart and out through the solar plexus.
This will bring you to a "neutral state." If you're really stressed out, or have been through a dangerous ordeal, you may have to do it for up to a minute.

Step Two: Now, select some kind of positive attitude or feeling. Rozman suggests something simple like appreciation. Something you enjoy and appreciate: your child, your spouse, a great vacation you remember, or even last night's poker game.
"So, now you keep breathing in through the heart and out through the solar plexus, while you're pretending to breathe that feeling or attitude in and out. It starts to shift your whole physiology back into coherence, back into that synchronized mode; so it's not just relaxation, it's energization," she says.

Step Three: "Once you feel the appreciation-or just the attitude of it, if you can't feel anything-you want to 'lock' it in by imagining that you're building and restoring that positive energy right into your body. Picture your cells recouping, your muscles regaining, your nervous system smoothing out. Feel yourself recharging your inner battery," says Rozman.

"You're still breathing into the heart and out through the solar plexus casually-you're not forcing it. You've done 30 seconds to just get it there, then you did 30 seconds where you were finding that positive attitude, now you want to lock it in for another 30 seconds. You just keep visualizing building and storing that positive feeling that appreciation gives you."

You can select the attitudes to breathe that will help you offset a negative emotion or imbalance of any stressful situation you're in, she says. "Breathe deeply with the intent of shifting any moment to a [better] feeling or attitude, from neutral-'Okay, I'm in this hairy situation, let me breathe in the attitude of neutral or balance'-to compassion or care, patience, clarity or anything. As long as it's a positive attitude: what you would really like to feel right then. You can use it in real time when you're in the danger zone.
"For example, we do training for trauma centers and emergency workers, and they learn to breathe in compassion and breathe out care for the patient; or breathe in balance so they don't get freaked out by the blood and gore, and breathe out appreciation that they're helping someone." You can breathe in any positive attitude that you can remember feeling and that helps you be what you want to be, she says.

"It imprints that whole attitude on your physiology and your heart-you 'put your heart into it,' and it's your heart that drives it. This creates the coherent rhythm that signals the brain, and then the brain signals the immune system and the hormonal system, renewing them. It's a way to reboot your whole internal system."
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