Monday, July 23, 2012

Making The Decision – Failure or Success?

Making The Decision – Failure or Success?

Every second you have a choice about what you think. A lot of people don’t control their thoughts consequently there is lots of negativity vibrating in their minds. It’s on television, newspapers and yes, even colleagues and family members’ lips. They think it – they feel it – they live it. Imagine searching for happiness…seeing it in everyone else’s smiles and even on your face, but you don’t feel it. Life seems dim and glum and you are ‘supposed’ to be happy – but you are not! There is a line in a song that sings ‘you contemplate finishing your life’ and that’s all I did for a nanosecond and then shunned it. I had children who relied on me! You seem to be missing something that everyone else knows about and has, but you don’t. What is it? This feeling of being a failure and unhappy is crippling you. You ask yourself – what do I have to do?

One day a friend invited me to a parenting course and I’ve never stopped learning since then. You see, I discovered that as a result of being a victim of teenage school bullying, my symptom was low self esteem. And, in my marriage I was still allowing myself to get bullied. I hadn’t yet learnt how to stop it. After several different attempts to solve this, I was faced with another choice. My hardest decision was made – I became a single parent. My responsibility was to my daughters and myself. I needed to learn the tricks about high self esteem and positive thinking if I wanted more success and happiness our lives.

Over the next 25 years I committed to educating myself and sharing with my daughters and eventually clients. I knew the feeling of failure and didn’t like it, so I committed myself to success. Nike says ‘Just do it’ and I do. Thousands of miss-takes (I spell it like that for a reason) because they are just miss takes on your road to success. Without these learning curves I would not be who I am today and you will not learn without your journey. You didn’t learn how to use the computer at your first attempt – it is the same in life.

Along my journey many varied principles have been important stepping stones. However in 2000 - the year of the new millennium I was unprepared for receiving a message. I was out walking when a voice, I believe was God spoke to me. He told me to create a self esteem day. At that stage I did not have the confidence or courage but I believe I was given my life mission – to teach self esteem. Years later, I have embraced all the ‘unusual’ messages and learning curves I have encountered and written my life story, the movie and following the path I was invited onto by ‘the universe’ or God.

Oprah has said a quote: What has made me successful is the ability to surrender my plans, dreams and goals to a Power that’s great than other people and greater than myself. Finally my learning has caught up to this quote because if I didn’t I’d feel like a failure again and I really prefer the feeling of success.

Now, what about you? Everyone has different learning curves, the most important is embrace yours.

Here are seven tips to help your success:
1) Rate your self esteem now. Visit

2) Commit your life to yourself and becoming your best.

3) Decide on your dreams and set goals to achieve.

4) Discover your passions and include them into your life.

5) Learn to control your thoughts…one at a time.

6) Have a collection of positive books, quotes, videos, poems ready to read when you start to think negative thoughts.

7) Every day do one activity to boost your self esteem and do one action towards your goals.