Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Creative People Sought By Managers - New Research about Creators


Have you ever felt rejected by your peers because they thought you were weird or different? A new study by a Johns Hopkins University business professor finds that social rejection can inspire imaginative thinking, particularly in individuals with a high sense of self-esteem.

“To individuals who already feel separate from the crowd, social rejection can be a form of validation,” say Professor Sharon Kim. “Rejection confirms for independent people what they already feel about themselves—that they’re not like others. For such people, that distinction is a positive one leading to greater creativity.”

Social rejection normally has the opposite effect on people who value the importance of fitting in and belonging to a group. Her study found that those with high self-esteem and feelings of independence are not adversely affected by social rejection. More business managers are looking for individuals who are creative thinkers, those who might have an unconventional personality making them subject to social rejection. Such rejection can actually recharge the creativity an independent person. Her study is reported in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, 2012.