Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Schools Testimonial

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The Staff at Naenae Primary School in Lower Hutt were motivated and encouraged with a one day workshop lead by Janice Davies on 15th October 2012.

The presentation was called ‘Becoming OUR Best’.

She shared on a range of topics which included: Change, attitude, personalities, work relationships, communication, confidence, appreciation of yourself and your team, with the overall theme of the day, about team building and success.

Through Janice’s entertaining and interactive presentation staff at Naenae Primary had the opportunity to reflect on the many components of positive teams.  We were able to look at our individual views on life and the influences we have on others but especially ourselves.

Janice provided a range of activities that enabled the staff to identify different personality traits and to use these as positives for build a stronger team. 

All staff came away with very useful strategies that will assist them in their own lives and within our organisation. 

As Janice puts it, ‘Your positive Attitude and High Self Esteem leads to Your Success”.

This worthwhile and invigorating day energised and motivated all the staff.  The positive effects are ongoing and radiating throughout.  I highly recommend Janice, The lady with Nice in her name, to any school or organisation who is looking at promoting a positive and encouraging approach to life.

Be the Change you want to see...If it’s to be – It’s up to me!”

Murray Bootten


Naenae Primary School