Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Look for Star Beams

It was a hot night, I couldn’t sleep and work was running through my mind. Finally, I decided it was time to take positive action. I made a cup of Milo and ventured outside to my home...on the cliff looking out over the sea, where I am lucky enough to live.

It was windless night or rather 4am and almost dawn. In the night air there were no tree leaves rustling and no birds singing. Above the stars from the Milky Way spread across the sky. Between the leaves on the Pohutokawa tree I sat under, I glimpsed two satellites race across the sky. In front of me, the sea stretched out to Rangitoto Island. It was glassy smooth and reflected the red light of the beacon on the rocks in front of us. There was only a gentle rustle of waves breaking silence.

As I looked to the rocks 300 feet below me, nature provided me with an amazing fluorescent show, just like you see in a nightclub with the strobe lights.
The sea had floating in it fluorescent (I’m sure there is a technical name) and every time there is movement of waves or fish swimming in it, nature provided an amazing light show. Whenever a wave rolled onto the rocks a chemical reaction caused an illumination underneath the rock face and the rocks glowed. It was beautiful!

HOWEVER, nature provided more…

I’ve seen the sun shining on the sea and watch the sunbeam glow across the sea.

I’ve seen the moon shining on the sea and watched a moonbeam shimmering across the sea.

Nevertheless, I was blown away (and forgot my thoughts of work) as something different was shining on the water. I thought it must be the light from a ship as two were cruising past at 4am…ready to dock at Auckland Harbour. However, I was wrong.

I ran inside to get the binoculars and stared at the distant light. It flickered and sparkled all the way back to me. Only then I realised it was a bright star, shining its light across the ocean. I was looking at my first star beam! Nature had provided another free light show…it had taken me fifty something years to see one…and I was (dare I say it) star struck! I watched… amazed!

As the mosquitoes started to attack, I thanked ‘the universe’ and slinked back to bed refreshed, tired, not thinking about work…and mind blown!

The moral of the story is –
when you’re thinking about work and shouldn’t be, turn to nature and see what glory and peace of mind it provides you...and remember to take a moment and enjoy life!