Monday, February 15, 2010

Securing your 2010 Goals

Securing your Goals in 2010

Securing your future starts with the end in mind. To retire with your dream income or lifestyle means you have to decide your outcome so you can work towards your goal. To save for a house deposit, your dream car or overseas trip has you involved in daydreaming or visualisation as many athletes do. They have seen themselves crossing the line first or on the podium with their medal and have learnt to ‘see the end in mind’ and work backwards in their training programme.

It’s the same with your new 2010 goals. What achievable results do you imagine you want to reach this year and write them down. Winning lotto is only a small possibility and even purchasing weekly tickets has no guarantee. Whereas, if you want to improve your fitness level you can start with a weekly or daily routine and you will have positive outcomes by 31st December.

The key to achieving is to understand you are living in a constant state of learning. You reach one goal and the next is scooting along ready for you. Hence you constantly need to learn new skills or ways of thinking to move forward in life.

When you are setting goals you have six different areas to set goals in: You, Health, Relationships, Work, Finances and Community. Focusing on all areas as the top priority will not achieve the results you want, so learning to balance these are your key to success. Albeit, you may have one or two as top priority goals for the year, which then become your focus.

As you are creating your life you need to replace your thoughts with new positive ideas that are aligned to your goal. For you to be successful your goals need to be aligned to your values or life rules. Additionally, if you want to save money for an overseas holiday, spending on a busy social life may spend your holiday fund.

Goal versus Intention

In the state of juggling life some of your goals may fail to meet the deadline. This can result in negative thinking, where in fact ‘life’ cropped up and you ‘lived’.

Additionally, the word ‘goal’ for some people has a deadline connotation. Sometimes using the word ‘intention’ works better. There is not the same sense of deadline attached to it. So missing the deadline for a goal (and the negative thinking attached to it) versus achieving an intention (positive thinking) is less stressful and also more successful.

Hard versus Easy road

A goal or intention is the key to success and ongoing happiness in your life. It makes you live life more enthusiastically and has the power to ‘get you out of bed’ with vigor and vitality. Every person is unique and has something different and your main priority is to work towards what you desire.

There are two ways you can achieve. One is to take the hard road and you cruise along until the day you realise you are only ‘dreaming’ about your goal not ‘working’ towards it and therefore will probably not achieve it.

The other is the easier road where you can learn by listening to others who have achieved, read books, or by attending courses. With your new found knowledge you are more positive and you decide what steps are right for you whilst working more quickly towards achieving.


Understanding your personality is an advantage when goal setting. You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses and grasp why you are achieving in some areas of your life and not in others.

Right-brained creative thinkers are constantly coming up with new ideas and so they achieve in a creative business and marketing is generally much easier for them.
However the most difficulty they will have is in the area of finances, systems and analytical areas. It’s the opposite for the left brained thinkers.

Here are some tips to help.

10 Tips towards achieving MAGIC in your 2010 Goals.

1. Take time to daydream and write down or draw pictures of your goals.
2. Created your goal from your right brained creative thinking.
3. Use your left analytical side of your brain plan out HOW to achieve it.
4. Understand that you will be challenged and to ask for help.
5. Visualise achieving your goal.
6. Be prepared to make sacrifices and changes.
7. Take the risk and enjoy life as you achieve.
8. Value your health, have fun, laugh and love along the way.
9. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
10. Pat yourself on the back and reward yourself constantly.

Keeping positive while you make change in your life is another challenge. One step each day will reap your results. For more help a free report called Attitude 4 Success and an ongoing programme is available on the website below.