Monday, October 31, 2011

Internet Scam Tips and

Internet Scam Tips and Tricks

As a business person my scam was business related but these also apply to your personal emails.

1. Google the email address they are using to contact you, especially if they claim to be from a major corporation

2. If the company or charity is unfamiliar, do your research.

3. Check out They archive many different type of email scams.

4. Check for spelling and grammar errors, most legitimate people and corporations are precise about this.

5. Sense of urgency – the last thing a scammer wants is for you to take your time. They want you to act on something quickly.

6. Be wary of web based emails. E.g. Hotmail, Gmail and yahoo. These are free and require very little identification at initial set up so very easy to make false emails.

7. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is

8. Follow links inserted in email.

9. Google the name of the person and the company separately, however be wary these can also be scammed from someone else.

10. Have a credit card with a small amount to use for the internet.

11. Be wary of Western Union Accounts.

12. Don’t give out bank accounts or passport details.

13. Email a company and ask them BEFORE you act on any suspicious email.

14. Trust your intuition and gut feelings.

15. Ask for advice and report to police and online sites if applicable.

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