Sunday, November 17, 2013

Achieving Success

Achieving Success

In your quest for success you will encounter challenges to your thinking.  It may have been ‘aha’ thoughts or you have realised areas in your life that have blocked you from success previously.  
At my coaching meeting with my Movie Script Coach at Santa Monica Los Angeles

As you overcome them and make changes, some of your friends, family or work colleagues will want you to remain the same.  If you’ve always caught the bus to work but now cycle for fitness, your friend you chatted with each trip will be encouraging you to return to the bus. They miss your time together. However, this is when you can remain friends and please them, or be true to yourself and your goals. 

Getting in Movie Mode - Walking on the Red carpet at 'the Universal studios
Reaching success in big goals starts with small steps.  Becoming a vet or a doctor is a long-term goal.  Years of training are undertaken before being employed.  Each passed exam is a step towards the big plan.  Enjoy the steps, because each one is leading to your fulfilment.

 On your journey towards your goal, you will be challenged from many directions.  Being true to yourself is your ultimate goal. Your life is precious, rewarding for learning loving and enjoying.  Live each day to the fullest, yesterday has gone, so have no regrets, and tomorrow has not yet come.
Inside the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood where they have the Grammy Awards