Monday, September 23, 2013

Two Fun Sailing Poems

What a Woman Likes to See

What a woman likes to see
But where most men don't like to be
Down below in the galley
Making a hot cup of tea
Or cleaning up the mess
They say, they like that even less.
I've not read it in a book
That a woman should be the cook
So, A woman loves to see
A man below in the galley.
Inspired as I watched four men cleaning up the boat after their holiday.
I got a tea towel thrown at me, after I'd written this and when I read it to the men.

Wearing my favourite clothes (and they still are) my old America's Cup uniform on the helm of an old America's Cup boat...Bliss!!

Washing the Decks

There's a fun part comes out in me
Especially when I'm on high sea
Captain's hat upon my head
On the helm, where I love to be
Sails full of 30 knot breeze
Sailing, angled precariously
The men after, after a drink or three
Nature calls - top priority
Deciding the sterns not safe to be
Down below to the loo they flee
That's when I chose, so thoughtfully
To call out "it's time for me...
To wash the decks beneath the sea"
So, I angle the boat off to the lee
Waves wash along the bow to me
Yes, done so innocently
Upset man's balance precariously
As I 'washed the decks, beneath the sea'
When nature calls the men
After a drink or three!!
Written on the high seas from Cavalli Islands towards Whangaroa Harbour up north.
 I was paid back!!
Poems from my book: Sailing a Different Course.
2000 America's Cup volunteers...I'm in the middle in the front.
A black sheep in the family.
Only lady willing to take the gamble until a few others joined in.