Tuesday, January 11, 2011

YOUR 2011 Goals - Free Ebook

HAPPY NEW YEAR ... 11/1/11 was an awesome day yesterday...but today is another day to 'rethink and create a new you'..as is everyday of your life. This ezine was due out yesterday but due to 'online techo issues out of my control' it's was delayed and after a few hours of solution seeking - I must admit I got stressed. SO, I had to rethink my goals and reactions to stress for my life in 2011....but what about you? I have a question for you.... Are you dreaming your dream life? OR Are you setting goals to achieve it? If you need some help, my gift to you is my ebook: How to Get what You want in Your Life I wrote this over 10 years ago and revamp my goals every year...and am getting closer to one of my many goals - "to sit in a boat in a bay and write". I read Michael Hill has 30 year goals....which he set after his house fire at the age of 40...and look what he's achieved....so IT"S NEVER TOO LATE TO START. My goal process looks at your values, dream life, goals, the obstacles and time management as well...as you set your plans. (You will need to scroll down this page and as it's normally a product I sell for $10, you will have to complete the forms on my shopping cart before you get to a page to download the pdf file.) Click here to download YOUR FREE GOALS EBOOK.www.attitudespecialist.co.nz/e-books.htm BE quick - offer only available for one week. A great tip for our first week back at work...If you're like me, you're finding this first week a bit of a challenge. Day one I gave myself treats...with the nuts etc left over from Christmas and dipped them in Nutella (Hazelnut spread). I thought this was a compromise of healthy snack...and for my first day decided I deserved this low calorie (I'm sure) treat. And I'd done some baking...first time in YEARS.Find some treats for yourself this week

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