Monday, January 24, 2011

Invest in Yourself to Succeed

It’s plain and simple: If you don’t believe you will succeed, you won’t!

This is definitely not a rocket science, but if your thoughts are telling you, “You will fail” or “I don’t believe in you”, then, you will sabotage yourself.

Anyone you may have known who is successful, from your school teachers to family members, friends, television or movie stars, and successful business people at some time in their life, studied to get their qualifications or craft, because all of them have decided on a goal and worked towards it.

If these people didn’t set any goals, they wouldn’t be earning the salaries they have, working in a job they enjoy, involved in a relationship with a loving partner or a variety of other successful outcomes.

However, there is one more key to their success and that is - they believed in themselves that they would achieve.

It’s easier and less satisfying not working towards achieving. In fact, that is being stuck in a rut, held a prisoner to your fear and thoughts.

I’m sure, you don’t remember your brain teaching you how to walk. Even without some stimulation, in one stage of your life, you would probably thought of wanting to grasp out for something.

Do you recall what motivated you to start muttering your first sounds? Or perhaps what made you cry out for food? I’m sure you don’t remember. You just did it automatically! And, somewhere, someone was investing time in your life to help you learn the basic skills of living.

Over the years, you grew up with a wide variety of input into life, some positive and some negative. You are likely to remember some significant moments that could be life changing. Again, some of these may be positive and some are negative. Maybe you may have clung to the negative ones and have not taken the time to change these thoughts in your mind. By not doing so, you’ve decided it’s easier to become a “cling-on” to negativity and underachieve in your life.

If you think about it, your body tells you when to eat, sleep and dozens of other activities which you do automatically. However, your brain works in automatic mode replaying negative thoughts until you decide you want to take control of it and invest time in changing the way you think.

If you want to lose weight, study, find a partner, save money or whatever your goal would be, you have to control your mind to succeed. You need to invest time into achieving positive thoughts.

If you seek a happy life, you have a choice. Think happy, decide to be happy and work towards creating a happy life. It is really simple. However, people often make things challenging for themselves. When challenges arise in we get stuck in a rut, thinking the same thoughts and not investing time to make changes.

Years ago, I had the choice whether to pay a lump sum off my mortgage or go on a self development course. I chose the self development course and learned that if I change my mind and the way I think about things in life, I can create thousands of dollars more.

I continue to think this way: Investing in myself. For you to succeed, you won’t only need time and take advantage of offers that come your way, but you will also have to value yourself enough to make some investment in products that will teach you success.

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