Monday, January 24, 2011

Do you want One-Dollar-A-Day Happiness?

Deciding on a dollar a day happiness, will depend on whether you have enough money in your life, to create the dream life you want - or not.

You may say yourself ”I can’t afford a dollar a day” but I ask you “can you afford not to?” If that one dollar a day is going to help teach you how to find love, success or happiness, you may decide that it is worth your investment.

Our basic survival human needs are food, water and shelter. However, most of us want other aspects in our life like people, possessions or places which can help you enjoy your life and become your best.

Being unable to meet any of our basic needs can have you feeling angry, sad, lonely, negative. Ultimately you may feel you are missing out the enjoyment of life. People who feel they lack something are living a life below their right and potential.

If you search on Google or any other search engines, you will discover that some of the most searched terms online are about attitude, love, happiness and other positive words and phrases. This is because people are looking for avenues that will give them a life that will make them feel happy.

Additionally, some of the other most searched terms relate to negative aspects of life like, anger, negativity, hate, loss and grief. People are searching because these are challenges that people would like to learn and overcome.

Ultimately, you want to have a positive successful life. However to achieve that you will need to learn to over come your daily fears and challenges you experience and fight your negative emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Taking this thought one step further….here’s a famous saying:

If you keep on doing the same thing…you will get the same result.

Consequently, if you don’t learn some new thoughts, you will continue going around in the same rut in your life. You have to value yourself as well by “investing” more in you in order to achieve your dreams.

You have five main areas of life that you need to set your goals in. At different stages some of these goals will have higher significance than others. If you are looking forward to getting fit and healthy, you would focus on exercise- maybe walking, buying gym equipment for home or just going to the gym. You focus your $1 a day (or it could be more) on achieving your own goal.

Consequently your personal goals are also changing, as you enter different stages and ages in your life. For example, over twenty years ago, I wanted to change my thoughts from negative to positive and I wanted to improve my self esteem. I didn’t have any spare money, so I borrowed books from friends or got them from the library.

Now, years later, I’m spending more than one dollar on me so I can achieve bigger and greater dreams. These include cruise the world, sit in a bay and write books and a lot more goals that are constantly driving me to change my thinking further outside the square box to succeed. Now, what about you? Are you learning anything new that will help you change for the better, which in turn will help you achieve your goals?

Isn’t a dollar a day, spent on you, learning new ideas to implement, all worth it? I think it is! Now it’s up to you. Success or failure? The choice is yours.

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