Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to Move from Fear to Faith - Overview.

At the beginning of the 2000 millennium many people around the globe were anticipating ‘some changes’. Like many around the world, I wondered what we would encounter. The media shared a variety of ideas and globally I think we all anticipated more ‘good’ coming to us personally and into our world. Although there was no ‘big bang’ I believe there have been many subtle changes experienced.

 You and every single person on the globe has been on a journey since then. In this ebook I’m sharing my journey and invited colleagues who each had individual paths to follow but are working for the good of human-kind. Each of us has our own values, beliefs, spiritual views and encountered different experiences and lessons. However, we have a commonality in that we all became more authentic and on our individual paths.

 This two thousand millennium is in fact the third millennium. Three also has a significant spiritual meaning and there is the astronomical calendar which also differs in time to our common western calendar. I am sharing this so you understand there are different times/zones/aspects and calendars in life and you need to decide what ‘feels’ right for you to follow. Alternatively you could be like me and I follow a bit them all.  

 New Zealand’s time zone affords us the privilege to greet each and every day first in the world we were the first country in the world to ‘welcome’ the year 2000. I chose to attend a public event at the Auckland domain with a group of friends. The light show and firework display was going to be first to be broadcast around the world by the media.

 However New Zealand is a country of inclement weather, where often you can experience four seasons in one day. On the new millennium eve, showers were forecast for the evening. As we sat in the park, the sky darkened and a mist rolled in over the city and blocked out the stars. Our fireworks celebration was lost in the haze and our media coverage to the rest of the world… was lost in the mist.  Although a disappointing start, we still sang and danced to welcome in the year 2000 – the new millennium!

 Afterwards I watched other celebrations on television and I was a little sad for New Zealand. However a friend, Ann Andrews had a different opinion on the situation saying it was similar to the book the Mists of Avalon. In that book the mist hid and protected the spiritual kingdom. Therefore she suggested that because New Zealand was a spiritual and creative country we were being sheltered. The mist descended and blocked New Zealand out until the ‘time was right’. And on that note, whenever the time is right - I do not know, but maybe it’s now.
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