Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to Create a Fabulous Valentines Day for Yourself!


All our lives we spend with ourselves and yet sometimes we’ve had thought that having a partner is vital to our happiness. Valentines Day is possibly one of those day and along with being a big marketing gig, it’s can also be a day with up and down thoughts. Whether you are in any of these scenarios, these tips will work for you:

·         Madly in love

·         Madly out of love (Left a bad relationship, he lied, cheated or was a scum bag)

·         Better on your own

·         Haven’t found the right person – guy or girl

·         Lost someone

·         Was left for another person

·         Or anything else….

Valentines day is a great day to turn your attention to yourself. Sure if you’ve got someone you want to swoon, that’s fine, but it doesn’t need to be a partner, you can have a great day looking after yourself, enjoying yourself, having fun with friends or family. Here’s ten tips

·         Decide you’re going to have an awesome day – no matter what!

1.      Give your body a treat – fingernails (maybe not guys), exercise, massage,

2.      Do something with nature – bush/beach walk, tend the garden, smell some flowers

3.      Give yourself a treat – buy yourself some flowers, your favourite ice-cream, drink

4.      Do something for a friend, family, stranger – give them a flower, kiss, smile, present

5.      Humour yourself – check out You Tube for comedies

6.      Be healthy – (after the ice-cream), nourish your body with healthy food versus junk food

7.      Motivate yourself to take action on something that you’ve procrastinated about

8.      Write down 7 things you like about yourself. Free Ebook and Tips here

9.      Learn something positive Attitude Ecourse here

10.  Boost your Self Esteem Free Self EsteemEcourse here

11.  Improve your Relationships Free Difficult People Ebook here

12.  Like this page and share these tips to help someone else today.

Ultimately remember, YOU are the most important person in your life. Put YOURSELF at the top of your priority list and make sure you’re enjoying your life with yourself. Follow my blog or FB for more tips. Most importantly (if there is such a word) have a great day!!



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