Wednesday, September 5, 2012

35 Tips and Tricks to KickStart Spring


ü      Discover “who you are?” Pursue you and live being you. Continue on your constant self-improvement journey

ü      Boost your Intelligence – Smart People live longer.

ü      Get a Pet. Spending time with an animal increases level of three ‘feel good’ hormones that are proven depression beaters.

ü      Watch less television

ü      Laugh out loud; get your endorphins roaring around your body.


ü      Eat smaller amount meals more often. Research showed that people who ate 6 small meals had lower cholesterol by 5% than those who had 2 meals.

ü      Limit sugary drinks.

ü      Don’t ignore insomnia. Lack of sleep is likened to many health problems.

ü      Eat broccoli – Not only high in b vitamins and iron, it helps break down cancer.

ü      Quit smoking


ü      Go out with friends regularly, phone talk, and spend time with them. Friendship is a give and take. Make sure you’re doing it regularly.

ü      Get on with your mum. People with good relationships with their mums were healthier.

ü      Hug when appropriate. Remember this saying: A hug is a perfect gift, fits all and nobody minds if you exchange it.

ü      Send card, emails, e-cards, flowers post it notes and well wishes to friends and family

ü      If you’re not in a relationship with a partner, get yourself ready by discovering you, getting rid of baggage and become an independent person who your partner would love to be with.


ü      Catch the bus or train to work. – Studies show people who drive have higher blood pressure and less productive

ü      Learn and call workmates by name.

ü      Establish a ‘hero’ board at work and display your wins.

ü      Prioritize key events at work and tick them off your list when achieved.

ü      Before you attend a work meeting, review the minutes to ensure you’ve done what you say you would.

 Wealth or Abundance

ü      Count your Blessings – look around and notice the abundance in your life.

ü      Reassess your budget and stop wasting money, start saving and join loyalty programmes.

ü      Start saving for your future.

ü      Clean out all your old clothes, books and things you don’t use. Notice how much is ‘old’ and then open your mind to receiving new things.

ü      Check out your investments and realign your investment goals.

Spiritual and Mental

ü      Meditate or sit quietly in a peaceful place. Close your mind to busy thoughts and open it to ‘universal’ thoughts flowing in.

ü      Get in touch with the earth. Walk barefoot on the grass or the beach.  Paddle in the sea. Look at the sky, stars, clouds, wind blowing, anything to do with nature.

ü      Dig in the garden, pull out weeds, and replant your garden. Touch trees, plants or smell the flowers.

ü      Pray – it’s okay for it to be anywhere you like. It doesn’t need to be in a church. If you’re unsure what to do, just have a chat. You’ll feel loads better.

ü      Help others and be kind to animals. Everyone is touched when you help another human being in need.

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