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To improve yourself you need to be open minded. Every successful person has been on this journey, combining natural talents and gifts and learned skills. The top 3 skills of a salesperson are:




Many job descriptions include the phrase ‘must have a positive attitude’, so employers rate this trait as vital to success, but how do you describe it?

Here’s how I describe it in my workshops on Workplace Attitude. People with a positive attitude focus on: how to fix the problem and search for solutions versus the problem itself from negative attitude salespeople. They search for what is required, implement it and learn for next time. They’re happy to ask for help and believe in themselves that they can complete the task. They embrace the challenge and look at the problem as a temporary setback they need an answer for. They enjoy the challenges of work,are organised (even though this can be a challenge for this personality) and have positive approach to life in general.

It’s no wonder employers are searching for these traits in
their employees. A few years ago I conducted two year research on the topic of
Workplace Attitude and these were my top findings.

Negative attitude and disengagement from work is prevalent
Lots of positive re-enforcement and rewards were used by some companies.
Motivation at work is self directed.

I could understand the negative attitude if there is no on-going motivation from the
company, but was pleased to discover that many companies were already engaged
in this. However, I was surprised at the third factor, that motivation at work
is self directed. Maybe I shouldn’t have been as these are the people who have
a positive attitude. These are the people who in their own time followed a life
of self discovery and self improvement, thus were happier and more successful.

Which brings us to ‘how to motivate yourself’ if you want to improve your sales
performance. Understandably you need to have the knowledge about your product,
but you need to add to your tool kit - self knowledge. Not your present level
of understanding about yourself, if you’re not achieving the results you want,
but an upgrade to your thinking.

The majority of people perform below their capabilities and although they were born
with no thoughts about attitude or themselves, throughout their life they’ve
learnt unhelpful thoughts that have lodged in their brain. Consequently they
don’t believe in themselves and abilities to achieve. For these people it’s
about making a decision to improve themselves and their life. Starting with
this objective here are some tools for greater success.

Commit to a new you.
Analyse yourself to decide where you can make change.
Realise this starts with your thoughts.
Monitor your thinking for a day or week.
Rate your percentage of positive and negative thoughts.
Decide what to change first.
Set yourself a plan of action.

Your biggest asset is your thoughts, however many people fail to control them. Once
upon a time mine were 80/20. Eighty percent negative and 20 percent positive,
but that was over twenty five years ago and now I can say they are 99% positive
and I’ve learnt the skill how to change my thought quickly when a negative one
floats into my thinking.

Albeit your changes to become an XFactor salesperson start with XFactor thinking, one
thought at a time. Successful people have charisma and confidence. They can
walk into a room and start conversation, people look and listen to them and the
air of success can ‘hang around them’. It’s confidence!

Wikipedia defines confidence as: is generally described as a state of being
certain either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen
course of action is the best or most effective.

And here’s another definition: Confidence is a feeling that you think
you are capable of doing something. It makes you optimistic and pleasing.

Tom Peter’s author of Search for Excellence says: The good news is that top sellers are not born; anyone can become a top seller by studying, practicing, concentrating, and focusing on his own performance.

I’ve has been working on confidence for over twenty five years. It’s a choice thing, if you are not happy with your life right now you need to commit to creating a
better life for yourself, she says.

Here’s a checklist from my new programme: XFactor Confidence – 3 Vital
Keys to Creating More Success and Money and you can use to monitor your own

I have decided on my goals aligned to my values
I am letting go my past and learning to step out of my comfort zone
I am communicating assertively and creating win/win relationships
I am boosting my self esteem and rewarding myself daily
I am thinking positive thoughts am embracing my exciting future
I am wearing clothes and aligning myself to my personality
I am living a healthy lifestyle and nurture my body.
I am using my new found confidence to create more money and success.

The three vital keys from my programme are: Motivation,
Confidence and Investing your time, energy and money in yourself. Combining these
three instils in you a pathway in life to study, practice and concentrate to
improving yourself to achieve your best performance.

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