Monday, March 7, 2011

How to Stop Negative Thinking and Stay Positive

If you let your mind and thoughts wander, you already know that it will automatically have you thinking negative. In the middle of the night….all hell breaks lose as you mind is focussing on you failing.

You will fail at exams, businesses, relationships and any other challenges. You will lose money in a venture, or business and not get the pay increase you deserve. Your relationships with your partner or the new person you’ve just met will fail. Your children will get sick and not pass their exams or sporting venture. And your cold will turn into the flu or pneumonia or cancer …or worse. Whatever it is, you will not succeed! Your mind will try to convince you - if you let it wander uncontrollably.

I encourage you to think about your mind like this.

If you’re a gardener and do not weed your garden…the weeds and plants will grow and take over your once beautiful garden. It’s the same with your beautiful brain. If you don’t weed out the negative thoughts and learn to control them…they will take over.

The trick is how to monitor your thoughts and stop them ruining your life. You wonder if it’s possible…..and let me assure you it is. I’ve a favourite saying – Sing or Swim…and I always decided to swim. However, like going to school and learning to read and write, you just have to take the time to practise how to master this skill.

Over the centuries, billions of words have been written to read and occupy your mind. Albeit, the majority of time, we have only one thought occurring at once, if your allow your thoughts to wander, until you learn to control them, they’re likely to think negative. Thus the first trick is to take control of your mind when it is negative and read something positive, like a quote or an inspirational book, or something that is teaching you about personal awareness and development.

In today’s society where everyone is ‘on the move’ it’s not easy to carry a book with you to realign your thoughts to positive but there are other methods for you to use. It is easy to download some of these billions of words onto your phone or connect online to read the millions of positive phrases and articles online. Another way is to download them onto your IPod and carry them with you to listen to.

There is an enormous amount of free information to help you control your negative thoughts. In my attitude training programme I provide a structured programme for home study where you work your way bit by bit to take control and focus your thinking.

I know it works because I’ve done it for myself. The only thing it takes from you…is time and effort and the motivation to learn to control your mind…and become a master of your own life. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen. You can learn how to stop your negative thoughts and think positive. Give it a try!

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