Monday, September 20, 2010


Created by Janice Davies – Attitude Specialist


The great essentials in happiness in this life are
Something to do, Something to love
Something to hope for…..Joseph Addison

The Dictionary defines HAPPY as:

feeling, showing or expressing joy, pleased, causing joy or gladness.

Therefore seekers of happiness must decide what will bring them joy or gladness in life and pursue it. For some people deciding what brings them happiness can be the challenge.

Your ONE goal in life is to discover yourself.

Instead of honoring the abundance in their lives, some people limit their thinking to what they don’t have, getting stuck in thoughts of negativity. If happiness is expressing a feeling which is created with our thinking, people must examine and choose their thoughts.

It’s about aligning YOUR:

feelings, thoughts and action
soul, mind and body

When you are watching a bee looking for pollen from a flower, they don’t choose the first flower. Instead they examine many before deciding whether to delve in and collect the pollen from the flower.

It’s like that with our lives. We examine different areas and then decide what we need to delve into to bring us happiness.

Happiness depends upon ourselves.- Aristotle

Here’s an exercise where you can rate your level of happiness in each area of your life.

The column headed ‘others’ could be spiritual, community and project may be a big goal, i.e. saving for a holiday.

These two areas are optional. However the score ten is the highest and one is the lowest for any column.

It’s imperative you tap into your heart for this exercise instead of your head. Your heart creates the magic in your life (makes you happy) then your head has to create HOW you can make it happen. Often this works in reverse.

Do this exercise with your pen in your opposite hand, using the FIRST answer that comes into your head.

You'll need to click on this link to my website and download the exercise.

The idea of assessing your Happiness Level, is that you are then able to decide where you are in certain areas of your life and those that rate lower, are the areas you could set more goals in.

Check it works. But email me with any questions.

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