Friday, May 15, 2009

Want to progress in your professional life - Get a Coach

Career Development through Coaching

Knowledge Is Power was my old school motto. It did not mean much to me at the age of ten however a few decades later, I realise knowledge is the key to success.

Everyone’s past thoughts and consequent actions has got them to their present situation in life.
As a manager or for yourself, it is understanding that if you want others or yourself to improve or make changes to performance, it’s imperative for your knowledge to be expanded.

Any person stuck in a rut, fearful of promotion or trying something new, angry at the lack of their promotion, negative, underperforming or complains, needs an injection of information to move forward. One situation was where an employee did not get the promotion expected and was categorized as an ‘unsettling’ although very qualified technician. It took a month before the person was willing to be coached, but the result was extremely positive.

With staff performance and retention a less expensive options than staff replacement, an astute manager will benefit from additional training or if that is unavailable, individual coaching for an employee. To get ‘buy in’’ from an employee, I ask for five reasons why an employee wants to receiving the coaching before I start. No-one can enforce change, therefore the initial consent is vital.

Educating an employee through individual coaching provides an environment of safety.
Once trust has been established the employee can share their grievances to a qualified ear knowing their work colleagues will never know of their dilemmas.

Employees are usually employed for their level of professional competency at performing a job. Normally what fails to be determined in the recruitment stages of employment is the level of personal development. After a few years, the lack of it, reveals itself through mediocre or stagnant performance.

Rather than questioning performance, it is understanding that everyone has had different values, experiences, circumstances in their life and not everyone has been fortunate as other colleagues to learn skills to personal success. Since the value of personal development has been recognized as an integral key of employee’s performance, coaching provides a positive solution.

It is a supportive manager and willing employee who chooses a coaching process to help them understand themselves, their past and present situations to create a positive future. Athletes and CEO’s receive coaching to help them succeed and embracing the concept of coaching for transformation is a wise move indeed.

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